Above the Fold 04.16.09

Govs., Mayors, vendors are for jazzed for broadband funds…It’s (the new) Electric…Putting an end to illicit Internet drug buying…A bad..

Above the Fold 04.15.09

Jumping the gun on border security…National Institute of Health: who wants a lolli?…Broadband here, broadband there, broadband everywhere…California IOUs, neat..

States’ sales tax worst in 50 years

The Rockefeller Institute released a report today, finding that sales tax data from the October-December quarter of 2008 indicates it was the worst decline in the last fifty years.

Above the Fold 04.14.09

No guns for mentally disturbed…Chicanery, fraud and X-rated cable TV…The great economic stabilizer…Driving Ms. Margarita…More snow days for Denver city..

Above the Fold 04.13.09

SSA official has words for Govs…Florida computer in charge of jobless benefits to file for unemployment…Iowa politicos dig Twitter…Health and..

Gaff o’ the Week

Republican Betty Brown from Terrell, Texas took a play straight out of The Onion playbook this week, calling for Asian-American..