Editorial: National ‘IT Dialogue’ at midway point

It has been nearly a full seventy-two hours since President Barack Obama and his team of celebrated techies opened the doors of for improvements. The crowdsourceing experiment is nearly half-finished (or half-full for all you optimists out there) and so a quick recap is in order.

Texas broadband RFI could prove problematic

The state of Texas is looking to gather some information about implementing a broadband Internet initiative statewide. The Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas Public Utility Commission issued a request for information (RFI) yesterday to extend broadband connectivity to areas of the state currently unserved and underserved. But, Texas does not have a good track record of insuring funds get to those unserved and underserved.

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Selling efficiency in a down market

As state and local governments watch their budget pools dry up, they’re waiting to see if the stimulus is a mirage. CivSource speaks with Rick Copeland about how Tyler Technologies can help local leaders figure it out.

Mapping among a host of issues facing broadband projects

A coalition of telecommunications consulting organizations are set to discuss the future of broadband mapping today. The LinkAMERICA Alliance will outline broadband mapping best practices during a presentation today as part of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers’ mid-year conference.

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Obama administration looks to crowdsource

This Monday, April 27, President Barack Obama will open the online doors of his administration to engage the public about Touted as an “online dialogue,” the Obama administration wants to know “what ideas, tools, and approaches can make a place where the public can monitor the expenditure and the use of recovery funds?”

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