Above the Fold 05.06.09

Virginia officials mum about stolen ‘sh**!’… to be fashionably late…Mass. criminal records get poo-pooed by state auditor…Forget that birth certificate?..

Above the Fold 05.05.09

Who’s your daddy?…Calif. auditor leery of her calculator…”ATTENTION VIRGINIA I have your sh**!”…Union jacks getting upset in California…The death knell..

New public sector offering from Microsoft aimed at stimulus funds

Microsoft officially announced Microsoft Stimulus360 this afternoon, though details have been forthcoming from the company for a few weeks now. Microsoft Stimulus360 is touted as an all-inclusive look at “the full life cycle of economic stimulus programs to provide greater accountability at all levels” of government, according to company information.

Above the Fold 05.04.09

Virginia informs software vendors how much its willing to pay…Mountain town left out in the cold…Snubbing the Veterans’ (software)…State and..

Despite stimulus funds, transit budget gaps remain

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) contained $8.4 billion in stimulus funding for public transit systems accross the country. Yet transit agencies from New York to Atlanta, Madison to San Francisco are facing massive layoffs and service cutbacks to cover widening budget gaps.

Above the Fold 05.01.09

British take aim at Rhode Island…Ill. contractor asks for $12 million for next week’s allowance…VA health department asks neighbors if..

Above the Fold 04.30.09

Fla. Legislators: We’re gonna need to see some I.D….Rhode Island legislators: So are we…You say tomato, we say tom’ah’to…Transportation bill..

Editorial: National ‘IT Dialogue’ at midway point

It has been nearly a full seventy-two hours since President Barack Obama and his team of celebrated techies opened the doors of for improvements. The crowdsourceing experiment is nearly half-finished (or half-full for all you optimists out there) and so a quick recap is in order.

Texas broadband RFI could prove problematic

The state of Texas is looking to gather some information about implementing a broadband Internet initiative statewide. The Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas Public Utility Commission issued a request for information (RFI) yesterday to extend broadband connectivity to areas of the state currently unserved and underserved. But, Texas does not have a good track record of insuring funds get to those unserved and underserved.

Above the Fold 04.29.09

Stimulus jobs, how I count the ways…Google unleashes the chart monster…A rare showing of journalism performed by ABC…New York’s head..