Obama administration looks to crowdsource

This Monday, April 27, President Barack Obama will open the online doors of his administration to engage the public about Touted as an “online dialogue,” the Obama administration wants to know “what ideas, tools, and approaches can make a place where the public can monitor the expenditure and the use of recovery funds?”

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Smart grids need money, standards

With the aid of money from the Recovery Act, and a new study finding that cumulative spending on “smart grid” infrastructure will exceed $33 billion by 2014, smart grids will not want for funding. But grid and smart meter standards remain a key hurdle for the industry.

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CivSource announces 311 feature

CivSource is pleased to announce the launch of a new feature called, 311. CivSource will start the conversation by posting local government minutes and agendas from across the country, along with five main points highlighting key actions. The rest is up to you – the users.