Alabama looks to strengthen international business ties

As the national and global economic climate remains steeped in recession, more state governors may be looking to expand international ties. Alabama Governor Bob Riley has embarked on a thirteen-day, three-continent tour to attract new jobs and expand his state’s trade opportunities.

Colorado names first COO

Don Elliman was announced as Colorado COO by Governor Bill Ritter yesterday in a move that will solidify the state’s approach to economic recovery and development.

States, vendors prepare for hurricane season

The official start of Hurricane Season 2009 saw Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Alabama Governor Bob Riley, President Barack Obama and other regional officials issuing words of warning and support in preparation for the next hurricane strikes. But state and federal officials aren’t the only ones marking the beginning of hurricane season. Government contractors, offering infrastructure network, disaster relief and database back-up solutions have also joined in the conversation.

New York looks to position itself in the ‘new economy’

New York Governor David Paterson unveiled a statewide economic strategy to capitalize on federal stimulus dollars Monday. The Governor’s plan looks to drive the New York economic recovery by tapping funds available to the fields of clean energy, environmental sustainability, technology and health care.