Above The Fold 05.19.09

Hippies have replaced all the cowboys in the Tx. legislature…Electronic medical records, or else…Va. isn’t gun shy over prescription database hack…Wyeth gets sent to the principals office over drug discounts…California voters could stop cutting higher checks to politicians under prop 1…LA city council may cut over 1/5 the workforce by summer…Treasury Sec. doesn’t see bailout for state govts, but perhaps they’d like a York Peppermint Patty…

Above The Fold 05.18.09

The kids got their priorities…Ni hao Governor…New disease man on the block hales from NYC…Baiting business roils the locals in Philly…Daddy needs a few bucks, son, just for a few years…Hoosiers getting testy over food stamp snafus…Florida wonders if their state IT systems can work without anyone behind the controls…National League of Cities wants the thimble during the next round of Monopoly…

Lessons for growth in global recession

The Intelligent Community Forum held its annual awards ceremony and Broadband Economy Summit last week in New York City. A new Intelligent Community of the Year was chosen amid conversations about how cities can incubate local growth in a global recession.

Above the Fold 05.08.09

States play the roll of rebellious teenagers, know the federal gov’t still loves them…Virginia hacker gets more spotlight, Gov. gets..

Above the Fold 05.07.09

Do you smell that New York? Neither can DHS’s bio-terror gizmos…The WSJ continues its series on “24-style infrastructure hacks I’d..

New York releases first annual broadband report

New York’s Council for Universal Broadband released its first Annual Report this week, highlighting the Council’s efforts to ensure every New Yorker has access to affordable, high-speed broadband. Although New York State is ahead of the United States’ average in terms of broadband speeds, the Council is working to make universal broadband a reality with key benchmarks and initiatives.