Baltimore to receive 2,500 new jobs through Census work

The U.S. Census Bureau unveiled one of three data capture centers today in Baltimore, Maryland. The processing center will be managed by a team led by Lockheed Martin and receive mailed questionnaires from households across the nation during the 2010 Census.

Montana celebrates first month of transparency website

Montana’s Recovery Act website just celebrated its first month of reporting its share of the Recovery Act stimulus dollars this week. Funding for the website was passed by the Montana Legislature and signed by the Governor on May 15th, and at the request of the governor, agency reporting will go above and beyond federal requirements set by the Recovery Act.

$19b. in DOT funds ready to go

Vice President Joe Biden will be in front of the Cabinet today and he’ll be reporting that more than half of the economic stimulus money set aside for highway projects has been allocated.

Colorado looks to wield a cyber gavel

The state of Colorado is looking for information on an Integrated Court System Software Solution, according to the state Department of Personnel and Administration, Office of Administrative Courts and the State Personnel Board.

California state portal gets social media facelift

The state of California launched a redesigned Web portal yesterday with social media-friendly and widget-ready interactive designs. According to State Chief Information Officer Teri Takai, the redesigned portal is meant to be a “one-stop destination” for the over six million visitors per month.

Mobilizing the 21st century workforce

Amidst the global recession and an increasing fight for skilled employees, several states and the federal government are looking for ways to promote American competitiveness. Microsoft’s State and Local government general manager, Gail Thomas-Flynn, thinks their Elevate America program can help retool America’s workforce.

Laying the virtual bricks of the Commonwealth’s Health Connector

In order to facilitate the massive Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority program, Massachusetts chose Perot Systems to operate the IT infrastructure and member support call centers. Perot Systems’ Tim Olivier, who serves as the chief operating officer of their healthcare group, spoke with CivSource to discuss the company’s work with the program.

States’ back taxes get back-filled with federal dollars

In an effort to help state and local governments figure out ways to maximize their tax revenue recovery efforts, held an online forum this week, highlighting best practices from tax officials in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.