Tough issues test lawmakers’ resolve

As the dust settled in Philadelphia following the National Conference of State Legislatures Friday, new faces and a new-found resolve to pickup the pieces of a broken economy marked the end of a week-long summit rife with a mixture of concern, uncertainty and optimism.

North Carolina’s Health IT strategy in full swing

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue signed an executive order last week to consolidate the state’s Health IT recovery efforts. According to Executive Order 19, the Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission (HWTF) is the state-designated entity responsible for coordinating North Carolina’s Health IT strategy.

Revenue streams remain question mark as most states head into FY 2010

The NCSL has released its latest report, “State Budget Update: July 2009,” detailing the condition of states’ fiscal health in the year ahead. One of the biggest drivers behind the bipartisan organization’s pessimistic outlook on the rest of FY 2010 and FY 2011, is the rapidly accelerating domino-effect of falling revenue streams for state and local government.

New York tech office promotes policy wiki

In June of this year, New York State’s Office for Technology jumped into the arena of social media and Web 2.0 technologies with the launch of Empire 2.0. And last week, Deputy CIO of Enterprise Strategy & Governance Services for OFT, Rico Singleton, released a memo regarding Empire 2.0’s Wiki Policy page. “

Va. celebrates electronic procurement milestone

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine highlighted a system this week that has saved the state more than $280 million since it came online in 2001. The state’s electronic procurement system,eVA, has saved the state by streamlining the purchase process for state agencies and improved transparency, the Governor said.

Healthcare reform needs to ‘go beyond digitizing a broken system’

The Institute for e-Health Policy’s Steering Committee on Telehealth and Healthcare Informatics held a meeting this week where Harris Corporation vice president of Healthcare Solutions Jim Traficant spoke to members, telling them that an integrated, interoperable enterprise system was needed to transform the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.