Connecticut To Add 5G To Commuter Train


Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont wants to give commuters 5G as they move through the state and beyond. As part of his ten-year CT2030 plan, Connecticut will be partnering with telecommunications providers to improve network connectivity along the New Haven train line, which is Connecticut’s busiest line and connects to New York City.

Representatives from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are meeting with the Governor about how to provide 5G along the train line through a public-private partnership.

Earlier this year, Governor Lamont worked with Connecticut General Assembly to adopt legislation that he signed into law this summer, which sets up a process to put 5G infrastructure on state property and establishes a method for municipalities that are interested in taking advantage of the technology in cases where utility or light poles are not available.

CT2030 calls for the purchase of 132 new rail cars designed in partnership with industry experts and equipped with rooftop antennas that enhance cellular connectivity by amplifying 4G and 5G signals throughout the cars. The purchase will solve a current issue for New Haven commuters which is that the trains do not support wifi which can lead to spotty service as people go through their journey.

CT2030 is a multi-modal initiative designed to improve transportation systems across Connecticut and implement modernizations like adding cellular connectivity to train cars. In his comments on the plan, Governor Lamont said that it was important for Connecticut to innovate around its efforts to improve infrastructure and find new ways to work with the private sector.

The plan calls for a $21 billion investment over the next decade with heavy investments in the state’s rail system which is widely used by residents as they move throughout the tri-state area.