Motorola Adds Ballistics and Pattern Crime Intelligence To Law Enforcement Services


Motorola Solutions has added ballistics and crime gun intelligence to its software portfolio for law enforcement.

The services are provided through Vigilant BallisticSearch, which provides enhanced ballistics image capture and analysis, and Vigilant CrimeSearch, a new pattern crime mapping, data retrieval and analysis tool. The combination of both services will allow law enforcement to generate ballistics leads and other crime data information in near real-time from the field.

BallisticSearch is a portable hardware and software solution that allows law enforcement personnel to capture, analyze and compare 2-D images of fired cartridge casings (FCCs), so they can triage FCCs for identification of unique firearms and generate real-time investigative leads. The system can be deployed at the agency, within criminal laboratories or on-site at crime scenes. It offers a virtual correlation center, providing agencies with access to senior firearms examiners to perform forensic analysis of cartridge casings.

CrimeSearch automates how agencies collect, associate, map and leverage law enforcement data, investigative information and forensic reporting results. The service can be used for tactical operations or resource management.

Motorola says that the combined service is designed to be cost effective for midsize and small police departments.

The combined service is the lastest move in Motorola’s ongoing effort to expand its law enforcement offering. As CivSource reported in July, the company acquired WatchGuard a provider of mobile video for law enforcement. The video features come alongside fixed cameras and advanced analytics from Avigilon and license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and software from Vigilant Solutions.