North Carolina Taps Tyler Tech For Court Systems Upgrade


The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) and North Carolina Judicial Branch have signed an $85 million 10-year contract with Tyler Technologies to upgrade court systems statewide.

The contract is the largest ever for Tyler Technologies and will be the largest statewide implementation of the company’s Odyessy court management software.

In 2017, the North Carolina Commission on the Administration of Law & Justice (NCCALJ) conducted a comprehensive review of North Carolina’s court system and provided recommendations for improving the administration of justice. The NCCALJ Technology Committee recommended the development of the state’s eCourts Strategic Technology Plan and the creation of an Integrated Case Management System (ICMS). The North Carolina Judicial Branch envisions a court system that will fulfill the vision of a 21st century courthouse – where technology is used to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness of process, leading to greater public access to and increased confidence in the courts.

NCAOC selected Tyler to provide the ICMS and support the components of a virtual courthouse, including statewide e-filing, enabling paperless processes, automating workflows, and supporting online access to the judicial system.

North Carolina is the nation’s ninth most populous state with more than 10 million residents. Tyler’s Odyssey solutions serve more than 45% of the U.S. population.