ADTRAN Uses Super-Vectoring To Offer Ultra-Broadband Wi-Fi

ADTRAN has announced an extension of its SmartOS-enabled portfolio of broadband access solutions with the SmartRG 652ac (SR652ac) residential and small business gateway. The extension, the first of its kind in North America, will allow operators to provide ultra-fast broadband services and support multi-gigabit networks.

Service providers can run super-vectoring in parallel to other xDSL technologies in their access network to provide the service and use existing in-building wiring to the gateway for cost-effective network upgrades.

The SR652ac also provides advanced capabilities via its open software platform (based on OpenWrt), including self-service portals, self-healing Wi-Fi and subscriber analytics.

ADTRAN says that gateway can also support fiber-to-the-home installations without having to do reintegration and testing, so that networks can upgrade over time.

The gateway is the effort by ADTRAN to support multi-gigabit networks as well as 5G service. In February, the company added millimeter wave (mmWave) mesh and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) solutions to its platform to support dense 5G networking.

“Fixed wireless technologies can be easier and more affordable to deploy than fixed fiber, which makes new millimeter wave and point-to-multipoint innovations excellent choices to build the dense backhaul network 5G requires,” said ADTRAN VP of Cable and Wireless Strategy Hossam Salib.

The company says it is working with several carriers to design, deploy and manage access and backhaul networks utilizing mmWave/mesh/SON technologies.