LexisNexis Acquires Lumen


LexisNexis Risk Solutions has acquired Lumen from Numerica Corporation. The deal will add capabilities to LexisNexis public safety and law enforcement data sharing and fusion center capability. Lumen is an integrated data platform leveraged by public safety analysts, investigators, patrol officers and commanders to help solve cases faster.

Lumen customers will gain access to a larger law enforcement network with additional solutions, new data sets and continued advancements in analyzing and responding to crime to help solve cases faster and support officer safety initiatives.

Lumen customers will come over as part of the deal which will expand the number of law enforcement agencies and offices on the LexisNexis Risk Solutions platform. The Colorado Information Sharing Consortium (CISC) will also join the LexisNexis platform.

CISC is a government legal entity with a Board of Directors of nearly a dozen sheriffs, police chiefs, and or top commanders from Colorado law enforcement agencies sharing data. CISC was founded in 2014 to fund technology tools to connect member agency information, avoid duplication, share costs and prevent crime while protecting civil liberties.

In a statement, Numerica said that divesting the Lumen business line will allow the company to focus on its defense and cybersecurity businesses.

LexisNexis has invested heavily in its public safety and law enforcement platform. The company has acquired features and services over the years to expand its capabilities and recently brought on Michael Breslin, formerly of the Secret Service and the Senior Executive Service to manage relationships with law enforcement.