Unisys and Dell Integrate Cybersecurity Software


Unisys Stealth has integrated with Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software.

The integrated version will give users of Dell EMC Cyber Recovery an increased level of security. Dell EMC Cyber Recovery manages and automates isolation and recovery of business-critical backup data so that organizations can resume business operations quickly following ransomware or cyberattacks. Unisys Stealth can isolate devices or users at the first sign of compromise and reduces attack surfaces in these environments by identity-driven microsegments called communities of interest (COIs). By establishing secure COIs, Stealth separates trusted systems, users and data from the untrusted. It further reduces attack surfaces by encrypting all communication between Stealth-protected assets and cloaking the assets from unauthorized users.

Stealth will apply cryptographic network isolation to help secure all traffic into, out of and within the Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Vault, in which assets are hidden from the attack surface. Stealth also provides a “virtual clean room” so that recovery operations can begin even before a cyberattack has been neutralized or eliminated from an enterprise network.

“Many organizations may not realize that their backup capabilities are not designed to withstand and recover from cyberattacks, and these vulnerabilities can have highly damaging and costly results,” said Eric Hutto, senior vice president and president, Enterprise Solutions, Unisys.

The integration of Stealth with Dell EMC Cyber Recovery software closely follows the announcement of the release of Stealth 4.0, which added capabilities for threats associated with cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things. Stealth 4.0 gives clients the ability to take immediate action to respond to security incidents, stopping attacks in progress.

Both Unisys Stealth and Dell EMC Cyber Recovery are used throughout state and local governments to manage cybersecurity. The unified version will be available in June 2019.