Portland, Maine Fills Out Tech Staff


Portland, Maine is bringing on Hanna Pickering and Lena Geraghty to fill out its IT staff. Pickering will serve as Director of Information Technology and Geraghty will serve as the first Director of Innovation & Performance Management. Both will begin working with the City on Monday, March 25, 2019.

As Director of Information Technology, Pickering will be responsible for managing all IT Department staff and an integrated technology platform for all city operations. She will plan and manage all IT initiatives, and be responsible for helping the city evaluate and use emerging technologies to achieve its efficiency and innovation goals. Pickering most recently served as an IT consultant. The City Council will hold its confirmation vote on her appointment today.

As Director of Innovation & Performance Management, Lena Geraghty will be responsible for taking the lead on a number of smart and connected city initiatives currently underway and planned, and work to implement a full innovation, performance management, and process improvement agenda for the city. Geraghty most recently served as a Senior Advisor for Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Government Excellence (GovEx).

Geraghty will be the first to serve as Director of Innovation, marking a key shift and expansion within Portland’s approach to technology. In her role at GovEx, Geraghty was focused on elevating government innovation, data and performance management. For the last four years, she helped cities establish best practices, address barriers to productivity, and conducted trainings to help institute innovative data practices.