Kelvin Coleman Joins National Cyber Security Alliance In Lead Role


Government cybersecurity expert Kelvin Coleman has joined the National Cyber Security Alliance as Executive Director. Coleman assumes the position currently held by interim Executive Director Russ Schrader.

Interim Executive Director Russ Schrader will continue to work on cybersecurity issues outside of NCSA. He is the general counsel and chief privacy officer for Commerce Signals, Inc. and serves on the Department of Homeland Security Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee.

Coleman joins the organization with a breadth of experience in cybersecurity at both a national level and in local markets. Most recently, Coleman worked with the National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center on strategic cybersecurity policy and products. Before that, in two positions over a nine-year period at DHS’ Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, he led industry-government liaisons which helped establish national guidelines for workforce cybersecurity safety. He also worked on the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee during portions of George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s administrations. In the early stages of Obama’s first term, Coleman served as a member of the White House National Security Staff, coordinating cybersecurity policy with the intelligence community as well as state, local, international and private-sector organizations.

In his role with NCSA, Coleman will work with government and private sector stakeholders to improve cybersecurity programs and awareness. His new role is really an extension of what he has done throughout his career. During his time as a government cybersecurity expert, Coleman led a cybersecurity awareness tour that visited 49 states.

In a statement announcing his new role, Coleman said he looks forward to continuing to educate and build awareness around the cybersecurity issues nationwide.