ADTRAN Releases Second Generation Gfast


Networking infrastructure provider ADTRAN is rolling out its second generation of Gfast solutions to worldwide availability. The second generation line will allow for the transparent extension of fiber to the home service capabilities, which could make it easier for providers to expand broadband access.

ADTRAN is the first company to deliver a commercially available gigabit-capable Gfast solution.

“Second generation Gfast solutions can allow operators, municipalities and regulatory agencies another delivery path to meeting the goal of delivering Gigabit speeds to consumers,” IHS Markit Principal Analyst, Service Provider Technology, John Kendall said.

Gfast is now capable of providing an aggregated bandwidth of 2 Gbps, delivering fiber-like speeds for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and other applications which require leveraging the existing phone or cable television wiring infrastructure. Additionally, ADTRAN’s gigabit to the basement (GTTB) deployment model opens up the possibility to offer gigabit services without the need for deploying a distribution fiber from the feeding cabinet to the Gfast DPU.

Deployments of ADTRAN Gfast solutions are already underway in Tier 1 carrier networks in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. The solutions are part of ADTRAN’s software defined networking platform which is designed to offer providers a way to expand and add services while simultaneously managing and upgrading legacy systems.

The company plans to continue adding capabilities to its portfolio in an effort to support high-speed network expansion in municipalities and rural communities.

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