ADTRAN Launches NetAssure For Gigabit Broadband


Networking provider ADTRAN has launched a new program aimed at telecommunications companies that provide gigabit service. ADTRAN NetAssure provides a range of services to telecom providers for ultra-broadband and multi-gigabit service.

“Delivering Gigabit and ultra-broadband services is more complex than ever today given the wide range of technologies and service requirements carriers must consider as they look to roll out new services in rural, suburban, and dense urban environments,” said ADTRAN Assistant Vice President for Services and Solutions Integration Kevin Barnes.

Through NetAssure, ADTRAN is offering a network audit service that delivers a granular report on the status of given network along with information about what needs to be done if new applications or services are introduced.

The company is also offering a virtual CTO service for rural broadband providers that require technical resources and expertise to upgrade their networks. Resident and remote engineering will be available as part of the suite of services.

ADTRAN says NetAssure is integrated with its Mosaic software-defined networking environment, which is designed to help carriers maintain and upgrade legacy systems simultaneously, without interruptions in service. Programs like NetAssure can help providers offer gigabit service but is also designed with an eye toward 10-gigabit service. As CivSource has previously reported, several cities and states have decided to leapfrog to 10-gig service in an effort to plan for future consumer bandwidth demands rather than go through phased-in upgrades multiple times.