Virginia Taps Unisys For IT Services


Virginia’s Information Technologies Agency (VITA) has awarded a six-year, $242.4 million contract to Unisys for server, storage and data center services. The award is part of the Commonwealth’s transition to a multi-supplier environment and away from Northrup Grumman which had been the primary vendor.

The contract with Unisys will modernize systems which have been outside of state control since the early 2000’s. Earlier this week, VITA also awarded a contract to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).

SAIC executed a “walk-in, take-over” assuming IT infrastructure service delivery from Northrop Grumman.

SAIC will provide infrastructure services as part of a transition assistance program (TAP) under a statement of work. TAP is designed to reduce transition risk and will permit stabilization of services for four months, until Dec. 15. When VITA moves to a multisupplier service model on Dec. 15, SAIC will serve as the multisourcing service integrator.

The decision to make the move to a multisupplier service model was made following adoption of a report in 2015. VITA has been moving toward the multisupplier service model since that time and is on track implementation. In the model, VITA retains IT oversight, governance, procurement and security responsibilities.

“This is a new era in IT services for state agencies and VITA,” said Chief Information Officer of the Commonwealth Nelson Moe, who also serves as VITA’s agency head. “This step is one of the most significant in the commonwealth’s journey to move from a single, long-term supplier to multiple suppliers with more flexible, shorter term contracts.”

Moe says preparations for the move have been underway for a long time. The Commonwealth is also involved in ongoing litigation with Northrup Grumman over its IT contract. Local government claims it was never fully served by the company. Northrup is seeking a kill fee.