Accela Launches Government SaaS Applications for Planning and Building


Accela has launched two new applications for planning and building. The new applications will be part of the Accela platform and are designed to help governments better manage the planning and building process for residential and commercial construction.

“We are launching these applications to help speed up commercial and residential development,” said Mark Jung, executive chairman of Accela.

Several cities are already using the applications including Boston, Massachusetts; Tampa, Florida; Palo Alto, California; Hillsboro, Oregon; and McAllen, Texas. The software gives city officials the tools to do strategic urban planning while also providing a way for developers to get permits and other permissions that they need from the city quickly.

“We were able to reduce turnaround times for residential permits from approximately three weeks to three days, and for commercial permits, from two months to five to 10 days,” said Luis Vasquez, McAllen, Texas chief building official at the office of Building Permits and Inspections.

Accela has made several additions to its government services platform in recent months. As CivSource previously reported, the company launched support for cannabis businesses and short-term rental registration earlier this year.