Virginia Taps Deloitte For Medical Assistance Systems Integration


The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) has awarded Deloitte a contract to help the agency implement an Integrated Services Solution (ISS) for its Medicaid Enterprise System (MES). The contract’s goal is to assist DMAS in creating a module integration plan and transition DMAS to a more modular and interoperable environment in accordance with new federal guidelines.

DMAS is working closely with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create a roadmap for transitioning from a monolithic system to a modular, interoperable solution. The modular solution will enable the state to meet new requirements from CMS.

Deloitte was selected to serve as the ISS contractor, which includes formulating an integration plan that will allow DMAS to implement a phased-in approach to technology upgrades over time. Deloitte’s platform is built on the IBM Cloud and uses IBM’s enterprise software.

“Virginia is taking a strategic approach to this project that will empower us to be innovative and responsive to the needs of our members and our taxpayers,” said Dr. Jennifer S. Lee, director of the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services. “As we navigate the changing landscape of the healthcare sector and regulatory environment, it is essential that we possess the infrastructure to adapt to these evolving demands while preserving and enhancing our mission to provide access to health coverage for more than 1 million Virginians.”