NYC Open Data Announces Winners of 1st Annual Citywide Competition

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The NYC Open Data team has announced four first place winners of the NYC Open Data Project Gallery Contest. The contest is designed to highlight how individuals use the wide range of datasets published by the city to help residents be more informed.

Four winners were announced in separate categories including data science, most creative, the Mayor’s civics award, and the Open Data award.

The data science winner used information about the city’s trees to help city officials learn which trees might be in distress or need additional support. City trees live only a fraction of their natural lifespan and officials have been struggling to keep mature trees in good health.

The “most creative” award also went to a tree related project. Using data provided by NYC Open Data, this visualization shows the variety and quantity of street trees in all five New York City boroughs.

The Participatory Budgeting Project won both the Mayor’s Civics Award and the Open Data award. The Participatory Budgeting Project uses a democratic process to help community members decide how to spend public money. This past April PBNYC completed its 7th cycle of voting to fund projects in 60% of the Districts across the city, spending about $30 million tax dollars in the process. During vote week, lots of folks asked about the impact of PB in their community. The project’s Participation Lab team developed in direct response to participants asking what happened to the projects they’d voted to fund. This civic tool also supports the challenges faced by folks when working together to decide how to spend part of a public budget.

Winning projects, and other qualified projects, will be featured on the new Open Data Project Gallery at Winners will also receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Mayor and first place projects will be invited to present at an upcoming NYC Open Data event.

Second and third place winners in various award categories included: