Tyler Tech Launches Socrata Connected Government Cloud


Fresh on the heels of Tyler Technologies’ acquisition of Socrata, the company is announcing the launch of the Socrata Connected Government Cloud. The cloud will give government workers the ability to store and share data within a trusted repository in order to support decision making.

According to the company, the cloud environment will improve the flow and quality of open data by making it a natural byproduct of internal data sharing rather than a standalone program.

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) served as a design partner alongside the Socrata team, offering input during the development phase and throughout the pilot program. “When we moved our 300-page annual report to the legislature from a stack of paper to a live, interactive, accurate, near real-time source of truth on our performance, we developed a different relationship with legislators. Their questions and our answers are now much more specific and accurate,” said UDOT Deputy Director Shane Marshall.

The collaborative environment has also encouraged workers to share their projects, give and get accolades Marshall adds.

Tyler expects four groups of government employees to benefit most from greater data access, insight, and collaboration capabilities: government executives, program managers, analysts, and any knowledge worker in an agency.

As of now, the cloud environment is available to all Tyler users at all levels of government – federal, state and local. Early adopters of the Tyler cloud include the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HiDOT), the State of Pennsylvania, and the City of Henderson, Nevada in addition to UDOT.

Socrata’s founder Kevin Merritt, who moved with the company to Tyler Technologies, says that Socrata’s experience creating open data portals for government directly informed how the cloud was created. The cloud will offer a data-as-a-service platform to government workers that is designed similarly to how many private organizations use data. Resources on the platform are available across disciplines and can be reused, mixed and matched in order to support new insights and break down silos.

The cloud is also poised to be a key part of Tyler’s Connected Communities initiative, which focuses on enabling data sharing and data-driven decision making in local government. Jeff Green, Tyler’s chief technology officer, said in a statement that the cloud will be a building block for the initiative.

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