Regulus Cyber Raises $6.3M For Drone Security

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Israeli security company Regulus Cyber has raised a $6.3 million funding round for its Pyramid Suite which provides end-to-end security and mission reliability for autonomous cars & trucks, robots and drones. The Series A funding was led by Sierra Ventures, Canaan Partners Israel, the Technion and F2 Capital.

The security of autonomous vehicles has emerged as a key issue for policymakers and vehicle makers alike. Several states are currently supporting trials for autonomous cars & trucks, robots and drones. State and federal regulators are also developing frameworks to govern how these vehicles can operate and what safety guidelines must be in place. As CivSource previously reported, airports and other critical infrastructure sites are also leading trials to keep unauthorized autonomous vehicles from getting too close.

Regulus provides spoofing protection for GPS to help guard against takeovers of a vehicle’s navigation system. The protection is offered as a portable module and is the first commercial grade solution to detect spoofing attacks on a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

Regulus also developed the Pyramid CSM (Communication & Security Manager) to guard drones from hacking and mission interference. Regulus Pyramid CSM is an external plug-and-play solution that protects drones from hackers via encryption and authenticity. Pyramid CSM provides drone pilots with a heatmap that shows quality of communication with the drone so that they can have a comprehensive view of the flight path and ensure that no outside actors have taken the vehicle off course. Protecting drone communication data is also important for ensuring that any images or other information gathered by the drone aren’t intercepted by adversaries.

Sierra Ventures, Canaan Partners Israel, the Technion and F2 Capital all have experience investing in companies with tie-ins to security. Portfolio companies backed by these investors have been acquired by IBM, Microsoft and other major technology brands.