Wabash Communications Updates Network in Ohio


Broadband services in Ohio are getting an upgrade. Wabash Communications is working with Mimosa Networks on a network-wide improvement plan.

Wabash Communications offers voice, video, data and business service solutions to its customers, with internet packages ranging from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps, delivered via fiber or fixed wireless depending on the subscriber’s location. With over 6,000 subscribers, the Ohio-based company is augmenting its network with Mimosa’s backhaul, access and client devices to address increasing broadband demands and opportunities from its customers.

“We were looking to leverage our existing tower assets to extend broadband services to our service area,” said Mike Boley, President and CEO of Wabash.

Wabash will use Mimosa’s fiber-fast 5 GHz wireless solutions to deploy on its towers in and around Celina, Ohio. The company has also deployed Mimosa’s portfolio of B5 backhaul radios, A5 access devices and C5 client devices in its network and expects to expand its Mimosa deployments across most of its towers by year-end.

Wabash’s announcement comes as Ohio is considering legislation to provide as much as $100 million in grant funding for rural broadband expansion statewide. Consolidated Electric Cooperative has also launched a new $40 million effort to provide broadband to a half dozen central Ohio counties. The cooperative expects the project will take 3-5 years to complete.