Michael Owh Named Los Angeles Chief Procurement Officer


Mayor Eric Garcetti has appointed Michael Owh as Los Angeles’ first Chief Procurement Officer.

As Chief Procurement Officer, Owh will work to identify cost savings in the city’s spending, increase transparency, and reduce contracting time.

Prior to joining the Mayor’s Office, Owh was appointed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to serve as Director of the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services and the City’s Chief Procurement Officer. In these roles, Owh was responsible for acquisition policy and the oversight of more than $21 billion coordinated through 40 city agencies. Previously, Owh was General Counsel at the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development and Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Small Business Services.

Owh will build on the work of the Mayor’s Operations Innovation Team (O-Team) — an initiative Mayor Garcetti launched in 2015 through the support of the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, and in partnership with the Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy and Jobs, as well as a number of private funders. The O-Team’s focus is to improve the City’s core business systems, deliver operational efficiency, and maximize the value of taxpayer dollars.

“I created the position of Chief Procurement Officer to maximize the value of City resources, and make sure there’s a level playing field for small and minority-owned businesses that want to share in the opportunities that our city creates,” said Mayor Garcetti.