Martin O’Malley Joins ClearGov Board of Directors


Former Maryland Governor, Martin O’Malley will join the board of directors at ClearGov, a municipal data platform provider.

ClearGov provides cities with a platform to make municipal data available to the public. City officials can provide annotated budget information, alert residents of policy changes and improve transparency. Individual users can also compare how their locality stacks up with peer cities and towns. The platform has grown in recent years to include 40,000 profiles of municipalities nationwide.

The platform also has solutions available for school districts to provide similar transparency reporting.

As Governor, O’Malley led Maryland’s early efforts in data-driven government. O’Malley created StateStat, an open data platform that improved the performance and service delivery of government. The effort was modeled on a project O’Malley led as Mayor of Baltimore called CitiStat which included a performance management platform for city workers.

“Governor O’Malley is a true pioneer in data-driven governance,” said Chris Bullock, ClearGov’s CEO and Chairman.