Boundless GIS Rebrands Suite, Releases Updated Version


Boundless, a provider of open source GIS software has released a new version of its GIS software Boundless Server. The Boundless Server is a rebrand of the company’s existing GIS offering – Boundless Suite.

The latest release of Boundless Server focuses on performance and further increases interoperability with ArcGIS services and web applications. Users on the Boundless Server will see a more consistent experience across web apps, desktop clients or mobile devices.

“The latest release is part of our continued effort to align with industry standards and GIS user trends,” Anthony Calamito, chief geospatial officer at Boundless, tells CivSource.

A handful of significant feature improvements are part of the new release including support for publishing content in GeoServices REST format, which increases interoperability for ArcGIS Server users who are using web or mobile applications. Boundless also continues to align itself with Mapbox, which has emerged as the GIS standard. There are also enhancements to Server’s image mosaic capabilities so that users can work around satellite images with problems like significant cloud cover.

Looking ahead, Calamito says the company plans to continue building partnerships and service enhancements into the Boundless Server platform. “Our goal with Boundless, as an open source provider, is to be able to work within the GIS ecosystem,” Calamito explains, noting that in addition to working with service partners the company is also heavily focused on user scalability. “We think it’s strategically important for our users to be able to grow without penalty. Unlike proprietary providers, we aren’t relying on a per user model that makes it expensive to expand access within an organization.”