FirstNet Launches App Developer Program


FirstNet and AT&T have launched a new application development program for first responders. The developer program will feed the FirstNet app store which is designed to be a platform for first responders to add software to their networks that has been secured and tested for emergency response scenarios.

Developers will also have access to a separate development environment that will allow them to test software on a secure platform. In addition to programming tools like APIs and software development kits, the portal features guidelines to follow when developing for public safety.

FirstNet is hoping to get developers to build applications around themes that are important for first responders including situational awareness, in-building mapping, field reporting and forensic intelligence.

FirstNet and AT&T have also instituted a rating system so first responders will be able to tell how proven an application in the app store is. Once a developer submits an application to the store, AT&T and FirstNet will evaluate performance, service-level agreements and potential source code vulnerabilities. From there, they will provide a “certified” or “reviewed” rating depending on the application’s uptime availability, resiliency and scalability for simultaneous users. Reviews will also be published under these headings.

“The FirstNet app store will combine the convenience of a public app store with the security of a private app store,” said FirstNet CEO Mike Poth.

In addition to working with developers, the program will evaluate existing public safety apps for inclusion in the store. Details on how to submit apps as well as the criteria by which they are evaluated can all be found on the FirstNet developer portal.