Ohio Partners With INRIX and StreetLight Data On Transportation Data Project


The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has chosen INRIX and StreetLight Data to provide a review of transportation patterns throughout the state.

ODOT already had a relationship with INRIX, which is providing traffic services to city officials. With the new project, StreetLight Data’s traffic monitoring capability will be added to INRIX’s analytic services in order to provide more in-depth information about traffic patterns throughout Ohio.

StreetLight Data is a traffic analytics company that uses anonymous, aggregate data from GPS feeds and other mobility sources to understand how people move through a given area. INRIX provides connected car services and transportation analytics to gather traffic pattern data for its users. StreetLight Data will add origin-destination information to the INRIX platform.

ODOT will be making the enhanced analytics services available to all transportation agencies in the state as part of a broader smart cities initiative.

“The ability to study transportation patterns with updated mobility intelligence will help Ohio better understand the usage of its existing infrastructure, pinpoint challenges and improve confidence in new transportation projects,” said Laura Schewel, CEO and co-founder of StreetLight Data.

The new platform will include roadway analytics and performance measures that give information about how a roadway is holding up to repeated use. Transportation officials will also get real-time data on traffic slowdowns so that they can warn drivers to avoid back of the queue collisions. The StreetLight service will provide users with the ability to run, visualize and download unlimited customized transportation analyses like origin-destination, select link and trip purpose. With StreetLight, transportation officials can also understand mobility at key points throughout the state and manage infrastructure planning accordingly.