Philips Lighting and American Tower Corporation Partner On Smart Cities Offering


American Tower Corporation and Philips Lighting have partnered on new smart city service. The companies are developing a collocation ready, 4G/5G enabled LED smart light pole for use in roadways, streets and parking lots that will improve wireless broadband access in dense urban areas while also providing quality energy-efficient connected LED lighting.

The new smart pole is designed to take advantage of a city’s existing real estate and collocate services from multiple Wireless Carriers in a single pole. Equipped with a fully integrated antenna, the new smart pole will collocate multiple wireless carriers in a single structure and can accommodate a variety of radio configurations from various major OEMs.

The pole incorporates a plug-n-play design that will allow for multiple wireless carriers to install radio equipment, including 4G and 5G small cell radios.

As CivSource recently reported, Delaware became one of the first states to expand right of way to allow for small cell radio technology. Small cells improve network signals in dense and geographically challenging areas.

A demonstration of the combined lighting and wireless infrastructure technology will be on display at the 2017 Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco next week.