Trivalent Partners With Iron Bow On Government Solutions


Trivalent, a data protection provider has partnered with Iron Bow Technologies to make new data security solutions available to government clients. The partnership will add Trivalent Protect to the Iron Bow solutions platform.

Trivalent Protect provides encryption, shredding, and dispersal with secure storage and reconstitution of sensitive data. The solution has received Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) approval for data at rest protection up to Top Secret by the National Security Agency (NSA) for sensitive information and can also be used in conjunction with health data. Trivalent Protect users can securely store data in the file system on Windows and Android laptops, handhelds, notebooks and mobile devices, allowing for data management in the field.

By partnering with Iron Bow, users will be able to protect data when the device is powered off, in hibernation and at runtime.

Iron Bow provides a range of technology solutions for government including cybersecurity, cloud services, data center management, and mobility. In the healthcare sector, Iron Bow also enables telemedicine.

Device-level data security has become increasingly popular with government agencies as they attempt to guard against an uptick in ransomware. As CivSource has previously reported, security researchers expect that ransomware attacks will only become more common in government. Ransomware attacks have already been responsible for disabling mass transit and other critical infrastructure.