Forcepoint Acquires RedOwl


Forcepoint, a cybersecurity company, has acquired security analytics company RedOwl, adding risk management capabilities. Forcepoint says the acquisition is part of it’s new human-centered cybersecurity strategy.

Forcepoint’s human point strategy views people – rather than technology infrastructure – as the focal point for cybersecurity. “The world has fundamentally changed and the way we think about security must change, as well. If the cybersecurity industry fails to put people at the center, it is certain to fall short in helping customers protect their most vital assets,” said Matthew P. Moynahan, chief executive officer of Forcepoint.

In a blog post on the transaction, Heath Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of the Data and Insider Threat Security business, explains that with RedOwl’s capabilities the company can go beyond traditional user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) by helping customers integrate new, complex data sources. RedOwl takes provides visibility into the holistic activities of people, including cyber, physical and financial. From there, the company’s analytics platform draws insights into potential threats.

According to Thompson, the acquisition will merge Forcepoint’s and RedOwl’s analytics in a way that will also allow for data from legacy systems, databases, Workday (HR), Salesforce, or other widely used applications and programs to be integrated into the human-centric security perimeter. The integrated platform will provide real-time insight into anomalous interactions and access across people, data, devices and applications.

RedOwl technology and employees are joining the Forcepoint team as part of the Data and Insider Threat Security business reporting to Thompson.