HITRUST Launches Community Extension Program For Healthcare Providers


HITRUST, a public-private cybersecurity non-profit, has launched a Community Extension Program. The program is available to all types of healthcare organizations and is designed to support collaboration with local peers on cybersecurity best practices. The initiative also provides support for HITRUST’s CSF and cyber threat sharing and response programs.

The program is no cost to attendees and will feature town hall events in 50 cities with more added based on demand over the next 12 months.

CSF Assessors will also take part in the program by leading the town hall meetings. HITRUST is working to expand the number of cyber assessors nationally – the current roster is just over 65.

The first six cities to have town halls will be Boston,MA; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Houston,TX and Seattle, WA. Other cities will be added in order of demand.

HITRUST plans to cover a range of topics in the meeting including how to implement an effective risk management program, using the CSF to deploy the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and creating a viable cyber insurance program. Enterprise cybersecurity insurance is a growing area of specialty coverage designed to protect business continuity and cover losses in the event of a cyber attack. Many insurers require rigorous cybersecurity procedures and response plans to be in place before they will underwrite a policy. Failure to follow those plans can result in denied insurance claims and significant losses.

As CivSource has reported, cybersecurity best practices at healthcare organizations can be somewhat hit or miss. Medical information and devices are particularly vulnerable to attack.