Cog Systems D4 Secure Platform Now Eligible for U.S. Government CSfC Solutions


Cog Systems’ D4 Secure Platform is now available for US Government devices through the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program. This is the first time a mobile device that includes bare-metal virtualization has sought NIAP Certification and been successful.

Earlier this year, CivSource reported on Cog System’s secure mobile offering for android phones. The company has made the D4 Secure Platform available on the HTC One A9. The phone is available at the same price point as the regular consumer version but includes multi-layered encryption, making it government user ready. NIAP Certification is the latest step in the security of the D4 Platform.

The device is built on a type 1 hypervisor with enhanced storage encryption, non-bypassable VPN and also has support for nested VPNs. Hypervisor gives Cog Systems the ability to intercept any potential issues arising from the phone as it accesses Qualcomm’s TrustZone, which was compromised last year.

The U.S. Department of Defense recently acquired the first round of commercially available devices for their own internal use. General availability of the secured device launched in March.

Cog Systems uses the D4 Secure Platform to develop standard SDKs for specific categories of connected devices, including mobile, gateway, and IoT. These D4 Secure SDKs have been designed to protect organizations and their users with data and system security without sacrificing the flexibility to run any application.

Carl L. Nerup, CMO, Cog Systems says the goal with D4 is to move the mobile industry away from “well-worn monolithic architecture for mobile to the more resilient and higher performance associated with a fully modular approach to the architectural design for all connected devices.”