San Diego Lights Up IoT Network


The city of San Diego, California is rolling out the nation’s largest smart streetlights network. The Internet of Things project will lay the groundwork for a device platform throughout the city.

San Diego is partnering with GE on the streetlights project that will include some 3,200 sensors. GE will be using it’s “Current” digital engine for the sensors. The platform also includes technology from AT&T, Intel, ShotSpotter, CivicSmart and Proximetry to power specific functions. Data will run over the AT&T LTE network. Intel will provide processing and ShotSpotter, Proximetry and CivicSmart applications will collect and provide data.

ShotSpotter can capture gunshot incidents in real time, CivicSmart provides parking data and Proximetry will allow for city officials to manage and maintain the sensor network.

In the future, the Mayor’s office says it could add as many as 3,000 more sensors to the platform.

In addition to adding sensors to streetlights, the city is also replacing 14,000 streetlights with more energy efficient versions. These streetlights include technology that allows for dimming and brightening in public venues manually or automatically, depending on natural light conditions. The mayor’s office expects that the replacements will save $2.4 million annually in energy costs.

Installation of the new lights will begin citywide this summer and the project is expected to be completed by fall 2018.

The streetlight network will use real-time anonymous sensor data to do things such as direct drivers to open parking spaces, help first responders during emergencies, track carbon emissions and identify intersections that can be improved for pedestrians and cyclists. The information can also be used to support San Diego’s “Vision Zero” strategy to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries.

The sensor data will also be shared with developers for the creation of additional civic applications to improve city services.

“Fostering innovation and improving infrastructure are important to enhancing the lives of all San Diegans,” Mayor Faulconer said.