Maryland Deputy CIO Steps Down


Maryland Deputy CIO Luis Estrada is stepping down. Estrada announced his resignation on LinkedIn just two weeks after Maryland CIO David Garcia resigned his position.

“After helping lead the most transformational years since DoIT’s inception, I will be moving back to the private sector. This was a difficult decision because I believe in DoIT’s mission and the potential we have yet to realize. The time is right, however, to pass the torch and find my next challenge,” Estrada wrote.

He said his decision to leave now wasn’t directly related to the departure of Garcia.

Estrada took on his role in 2015, following a career in technology consulting. In his parting statement, Estrada highlighted several of the advancements the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) made during his tenure including the development of an agile delivery model as well as procurement reforms.

“The people in public service are some of the most capable, motivated, and dependable in the country. I am embarrassed to say I had lower expectations when I took this position. Until and unless you understand the environment, please do not pass judgment,” Estrada wrote of his decision to join public service.

He also had a note for government vendors – “I encourage you to understand how government is unique – and rightfully so. We operate in a low trust environment with endless layers of oversight and checks and balances to prevent us from moving too fast-and-loose with public resources. Find a way to help maximize value to the state and improve processes, keeping in mind that we are not a commercial enterprise. We do count on you, despite the pain and suffering we put you through, to deliver on our missions and make Maryland a better place to live and work.”

Estrada will leave his role on February 28.