IBM Launches Watson For Cybersecurity at RSA


IBM Security has released Watson for cybersecurity to general availability. The launch of this new service area for Watson was announced at the RSA Conference currently underway in California. Watson for cybersecurity is the first augmented intelligence technology designed to power cognitive security operations centers (SOCs).

According to IBM, over the past year, Watson has taken in over 1 million security documents in order to learn data and patterns within the cybersecurity realm. Watson can now help security analysts parse thousands of natural language research reports that have never before been accessible to modern security tools.

The company says that by using Watson’s technology, analysts will be able to spend less time chasing down false positives in security logs. Watson will be integrated into IBM’s new Cognitive SOC platform, bringing together cognitive technologies with security operations and providing the ability to respond to threats across endpoint, network, users and cloud. The centerpiece of this platform is IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson, a new app which gives users access to Watson’s cybersecurity insights. This app is already being used by more than 40 organizations to investigate security issues and craft response plans.

IBM has also invested in research to bring cognitive tools into its global X-Force Command Center network, including a Watson-powered chatbot currently being used to interact with IBM Managed Security Services customers.

Also at RSA, the company revealed a new research project, code-named Havyn, which is developing a voice-powered security assistant that uses Watson conversation technology to respond to verbal commands and natural language from security analysts. The Havyn project uses Watson APIs, BlueMix and IBM Cloud to provide real-time response to verbal requests and commands, accessing data from open source security intelligence, including IBM X-Force Exchange, as well as client-specific historic data and their security tools. Havyn is currently being tested by select researchers and analysts within IBM Managed Security Services.