Oregon Governor Adds Immigration Protection


Oregon Governor Kate Brown took steps late yesterday to protect immigrants in her state. The governor issued an executive order that prohibits state agencies from cooperating with federal immigration officials. The move comes as several states are pushing back against the Trump Administration’s controversial approach to various immigration issues.

“I will uphold the civil and human rights of all who call Oregon home,” Governor Brown said. “It is also my duty to prevent any undue harm to our economy and ensure the ability of Oregonians to support their families. These new policies from the White House show no regard for the values Oregonians believe in or the economic realities Oregon faces.”

In the text of the order, the governor prohibits¬†state agencies from using immigration status to discriminate against individuals when providing services. State agencies are also barred from pursuing deportation of individuals unless they have committed a crime. These provisions broaden Oregon’s 30-year-old law that prohibits law-enforcement agencies from treating undocumented Oregonians as criminals.

Governor Brown is also taking early action to limit Oregon’s involvement in any sort of religious registry that may be put forward by the Trump administration. State agencies will be barred from complying with any federal order to set up a religious registry in Oregon.

Oregon appears to be lining up a significant legal bulwark against the Trump administration on immigration issues. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum is one of 16 attorneys general to have issued statements against the Trump Administration’s immigrant travel ban. Rosenblum is expected to file a full legal challenge against the ban next week.