Unisys Releases Resiliency Tools For Public Sector


Unisys has released a suite of tools aimed at helping governments with cyber resiliency. The tools will allow technology staff to simulate real-world threats and use them to develop effective avoidance and response policies and procedures.

To develop its new service, Unisys customized U.S. Department of Defense cyber wargaming methodology, blended it with standards published by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and adapted it for use by business and government clients. The platform identifies the “most likely,” “most dangerous” and “out-of-the-box/it will never happen” potential challenges to the participants’ operations. The tools will also give tech staff visibility into whether existing response plans are robust enough to meet the challenge or if they need to be updated.

The Unisys resilience testing and planning team is led by Global Director John Bone, a retired Army colonel and former chief of the Wargaming Concept Development, at the Irregular Warfare Center for the U.S. Joint Forces Command. In that position, Bone led the development and delivery of numerous wargames, including one involving 16 U.S. governmental agencies and NATO to plan a crisis response to transnational organized criminal, state and non-state efforts to destabilize local and regional governments.

The resiliency testing platform is available in three tiers depending on the scale of client need. “Working at the client’s comfort level, we collaborate to understand their challenges; build wargame scenarios that align with their real-world threats; and lead, monitor and analyze exercises based on those scenarios,” Bone said in a statement. “Then we provide honest, actionable feedback to help them improve.”

The resilience platform is the latest in an expanding offering from Unisys, which released its Digital Investigator software late last year. That program targets law enforcement, enabling them to provide a public case management portal that aids the assembly of crime data for analysis and large scale pattern recognition.