Texas Cities Launch Modernization Projects

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Two cities in Texas – Amarillo and El Paso are kicking off the new year with two new modernization projects.

Amarillo has signed a software-as-a-service (SaaS) agreement with the city of Amarillo, Texas, for Tyler’s EnerGov and Munis solutions. Amarillo has been using a combination of in-house and vendor-provided software solutions for their licensing, permitting, and utility billing functions. Tyler Technologies EnerGov and Munis software will allow the city to bring several functions into one platform. EnerGov will provide the city with permitting and inspections processing, as well as a citizen portal to expand access and transparency for residents, and Munis will improve communication across multiple departments. The communication improvements will also be pushed to Amarillo residents through real-time updates to the local 311 system.

As part of the SaaS agreement, Tyler Technologies will host the new software platforms and push updates as they happen instead of managing an on-premise hosting set up at city government offices.

El Paso is contracting with ADP for upgrades to HR and payroll processing.

El Paso will move on to ADP’s Vantage HCM product, which will automate payroll, benefits and HR processes for the city. According to a total cost of ownership study done by the city, El Paso expects to save as much as $1.9 million per year in administrative costs through the upgrade.

“We were collecting and tracking information on paper forms and spreadsheets, which made timely and accurate reporting a challenge,” said Nancy Bartlett, El Paso’s chief performance officer said in a statement on the choice. “If we wanted to know how many employees were promoted last year or the average pay raise, we couldn’t get that data quickly or be confident the information was 100 percent complete and accurate.”

Implementation of the new software will move ahead this year.