Unisys Launches Digital Investigator


Unisys has launched a new law enforcement tool – Digital Investigator. The tool is the company’s latest offering to the growing public safety and law enforcement market.

The system, an upgraded version of a solution previously known as the Unisys Law Enforcement Application Framework, includes a public portal which enables citizens to provide information to law enforcement and public safety agencies and track requests from smartphones and other devices. It also integrates with social media analytics to assist in compiling digital evidence.

Digital Investigator is already being used by Scotland Yard in the UK.

“What we wanted to do with this product was think about how law enforcement can use a single, modular product all the way through the justice cycle,” explains Bill Searcy, vice president for global justice, law enforcement, and border security solutions at Unisys in an interview with CivSource. Searcy recently joined Unisys after retiring from the FBI last year.

According to Searcy, Digital Investigator is designed to work all the way through from the initial point of contact a member of law enforcement has with an individual or case, allowing for incident reporting, case management, social media integration and data mining within a single environment.

Unisys is using the project as a core component of its “Safe Cities” initiative, which is a project that works with cities to develop tools that prevent and combat crime. Digital Investigator is device agnostic – offering access from mobile through to a desktop browser-based interface. A public facing component also allows individual citizens to report information to law enforcement.

Within Safe Cities, Digital Investigator works alongside Unisys LineSight a platform for advanced targeting analytics related to border security; Unisys Stealth for security through micro-segmentation as well as identity management; the Unisys Law Enforcement Message Switch which provides access to disparate information from various federal and state criminal justice information systems; and the Secure Image Management Solution for capturing and aggregating stills imagery, video, audio, multimedia and disk images.

The full product was launched during the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference currently underway in San Diego.

Unisys will be competing against a range of other solutions targeting this market segment including IBM’s Analysts Notebook, which recently integrated with IBM Watson, as well as the LexisNexis public safety suite.