Route1 Releases Smart Card Based Full Disk Encryption Technology


Toronto-based Route1, a provider of mobility security, has launched MobiENCRYPT a software solution delivering remote and local full disk encryption (FDE) access. The company, which already works with the US Department of Homeland Security, federal government and US Military, claims that MobiENCRYPT exceeds government and military privacy and security standards and could be a solution for data leakage within BYOD and other mobile programs.

MobiENCRYPT works by using identity card-based credentials to protect government organizations from data-at-rest loss and security breaches.

“Many agencies are using the most minimal login security that they can because of budget and because some of these programs can be cumbersome to use,” says Tony Busseri, CEO of Route1 in an interview with CivSource. “We think MobiENCRYPT can solve for both problems in organizations that have mobility programs.”

MobiENCRYPT integrates with government-issued CAC and PIV identity card technology, and offers multi-factor authentication. The software is also designed to protect government-furnished equipment (GFE) from loss or theft. Once encrypted, GFE remains encrypted after local and remote logins by authorized personnel, while other solutions offer local access only.

According to Busseri, MobiENCRYPT was developed directly from the feedback of Route1’s US government and military customers. “The feedback we got said that people wanted a turnkey solution that also works with BYOD device programs,” he says. Time to deploy will vary depending on the size and scope of the deployment, but it can be as little as a matter of months.

Like a number of products coming onto the market, Route1 has included some on-demand features as well as try/buy options for government users.