FCC Approves 5G Rules


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved new 5G data rules that will open up spectrum for technology provers to usher in an era of new and faster data. The approval makes the US the first country in the world to open spectrum for 5G networks.

These new rules open up nearly 11 GHz of high-frequency spectrum for flexible, mobile and fixed use wireless broadband – 3.85 GHz of licensed spectrum and 7 GHz of unlicensed spectrum. The rules adopted today creates a new Upper Microwave Flexible Use service in the 28 GHz (27.5-28.35 GHz), 37 GHz (37-38.6 GHz), and 39 GHz (38.6-40 GHz) bands, and a new unlicensed band at 64-71 GHz. In laymen’s terms there are now super fast lanes available for data providers to incorporate in their networks.

Additionally, the FCC also approved rules that will make it easier for landline telephone providers to shut off those services if they replace them with newer technologies that maintain access to telephone service. That vote would enable wireless or voice over IP telephone services to become more popular provided they include ready access to local 911 dispatch.

5G networks are still mostly in the development stages but if combined with technologies like millimeter waves, providers could overcome some of the current challenges of high powered networks like maintaining quality over long distances.