New York Puts Up $100M For Highways and Transportation


The state of New York has awarded some $100 million to 1600 municipalities to improve transportation and highways. This funding, provided under the Governor’s PAVE NY initiative, is being administered by the New York State Department of Transportation as part of its $21.1 billion five-year Capital Plan.

PAVE NY funds are awarded to New York City and cities, counties, towns and villages for activities such as roadway resurfacing, widening and realignment; construction of turning lanes at intersections; and new drainage to mitigate the harmful effects of flooding.

Many of New York’s roads still haven’t fully recovered from Sandy, harsh winter conditions and increases in population and therefore traffic.

The cash infusion will hit municipalities across a wide swath of upstate New York. St. Lawrence County Highway Superintendent Donald R. Chambers said as much as 70 percent of his roadways were categorized as deficient and needing repair. Awards to his county go into the millions of dollars. The level of disrepair in a single county illustrates the need for serious funding throughout the state.

Another $5.29 million will go to the state’s Southern Tier.

“This investment in improving local roads will reduce driver delays and increase economic activity and tourism statewide,” said New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Matthew Driscoll in a statement on the awards. The full slate of awards can be found here.