Verizon Launches IoT Solution For Water Utilities


Verizon has launched a new IoT offering for water utilities that is part of the company’s broader on-demand IoT platform for utilities. The platform will support electric, water and gas services and has been in development for the past two years.

The on-demand service will allow utilities to add smart meters one at a time. The meters will monitor consumption, detect leaks and provide near real-time information to customer portals.

“Our target with this product is the 35,000 small to midsize utilities nationwide that are looking for ways to upgrade to smart metering econmically,” says Diana Tatem, Manager – IoT Business Development, Energy & Utilities at Verizon in an interview with CivSource.

The platform is largely device agnostic and has the ability to normalize the data from non-Verizon systems for use on the platform. Verizon also provides it’s IoT security monitoring and secure firmware with each meter. Municipalities can expect to pay a per-meter per-month charge along with an implementation fee to get started.

“We’ve been able to reduce the deployment timeline for grid upgrades from years to a matter of days,” adds Jay Olearain Director – IoT, Energy & Utilities, Verizon. “Municipalities don’t have to worry about standing up servers or handling an infrastructure. Verizon takes care of the technology.”