ICF Picks Up $41M in State IT Contracts


ICF International has been awarded some $41 million in technology contracts, across three states including California, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

For the California project, ICF was awarded two on-call contracts with the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)for up to $16 million. Under both agreements, ICF will provide a wide range of on-call environmental services to support Caltrans’ North Region in the maintenance, development and construction of its proposed transportation facilities.

In Oklahoma, the company was awarded a continuation of its previous agreement with American Electric Power (AEP) Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO). The agreement has a value of $15.7 million and a term of three years. ICF has supported PSO since 2008 and the company says it will continue to work with PSO to build on existing projects and find service imrpovements.

In Wisconsin, ICF was awarded a contract to work with Wisconsin Focus on Energy. Established in 2001, Focus on Energy is Wisconsin utilities’ statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program. ICF will serve as the new program implementer for Focus on Energy’s residential retailer lighting and appliance program. The contract has a value of $9.2 million and a term of three years.

ICF maintains hundreds of state level programs across the US providing efficiency and modernization services from an IT perspective. The company continues to build market share targeting energy and transportation opportunities among others.