Deloitte: Government Speeds Up IT Modernization


Public sector is getting better at implementing new technologies as they become available, enabling government to advantage of cost savings and improved security, according to a new technology trends report from Deloitte.

According to researchers, CIOs have recognized the differences between enterprise IT deployments and innovation IT deployments and are working to find procurement methods that meet the needs of both. Historically, IT procurement in public sector has been dominated by a years long buying cycle which can backfire when it comes to new software services or agile development that require more iterative schedules. The most innovative CIOs are fixing the problem by building capabilities that link both enterprise IT and innovation IT to enable faster procurement.

Now that procurement cycles are being realigned, those same CIOs can start to rethink core systems and business operations within their agencies and departments. New technologies that are cloud based mean that IT shops no longer have to invest in bulky mainframes or on site server rooms, managing hardware life cycles alongside operational needs. Instead, cloud services are more squarely focused on helping organizations scale quickly and episodically as needed.

Finally, the report also looks at the state of IoT programs. Data shows that IoT initiatives are moving out of sensor based pilots and into a more mature conversation about how to manage data, protect network vulnerabilities, and gain insights from all of the information our smart devices are spewing out.

In all, the report seems to suggest that public sector IT may be catching up to how the private sector understands and interacts with today’s tech.

Read the full report here.