GovDelivery Joins Police Data Initiative


GovDelivery, a government communications platform, has joined the Police Data Initiative with a new open data project. The company will develop a fully featured Police Data Initiative (PDI) solution that is open source. The platform, DKAN Public Safety Edition, will be available to law enforcement agencies at no cost.

The Police Data Initiative launched in 2015 to enable and support efforts by law enforcement to better use data and technology to build community trust. Since, the program has expanded rapidly, with participation by more than 25 leading police departments committed to using open data and engagement tools to increase transparency and accountability, helping to rebuild trust in law enforcement.

GovDelivery will offer the comprehensive DKAN Public Safety Edition package, which includes everything an agency needs to showcase data in a user-friendly way, federate data to the USG’s and reach large audiences of constituents with this data through email, SMS and social media.

In addition to DKAN, the solution will be offered with a new PDI Data Module – a Drupal module, optionally integrated with DKAN, that enables police data to be easily published in a manager that complies with the metadata schema developed by the White House Police Data Initiative, and enables this newly published data to be discovered and harvested by, so that even more people will see it. This module may also be independently installed and used by any existing Drupal website.

GovDelivery has recently achieved FedRAMP compliance as well which will enable its communications solutions to be used governmentwide.