Los Angeles County Selects Vendor for Housing Initiative


Los Angeles County, California has selected Eccovia Solutions for its new Housing for Health program. Eccovia will serve as the case manager for the program which seeks to end homelessness with its ClientTrack software. Los Angeles County is the largest county by population in the United States and has the second highest number of people experiencing homelessness in the country.

According to a 2013 report by the Economic Roundtable, providing supportive housing to frequent users of Los Angeles County systems led to an average 72% decrease in health care costs, from $58,962 to $16,474 annually. The aim of the program is to make the most of those potential cost savings by creating a formal framework for helping people avoid and exit homelessness.

Housing for Health will use the case management solution to manage program enrollment and enable information sharing across program departments and referral services. The system will match eligible clients to available housing units, and also help HFH to coordinate healthcare and community services to further drive the goal of long-term housing stability for these individuals.

Earlier this year, Eccovia inked a memorandum of understanding with MHIN, a health information exchange (HIE) and healthcare IT company serving medical providers and institutions across the Midwest on an initiative with similar goals for patients across the care continuum. Through that deal, the two entities were able to start integrating health and human services data with clinical data to reduce costs and improve outcomes for population health. Those practices will extend through the client networks of both entities.