Motorola Solutions and Socrata Partner on Public Safety


Motorola Solutions and Socrata are coming together on a public safety initiative. Motorola Solutions has redesigned its CrimeReports service to use Socrata’s data management and data visualization capabilities.

Improvements to the service include enhanced mapping capabilities, charts, graphs and trend tools. Information is provided via citizen-facing analytics and data views, including a breakdown by crime type, geographic area (including neighborhoods and patrol areas) and date range. Citizens can also view 9-1-1 “calls-for-service” data to better understand how police resources are being allocated.

A revamped alerting service will allow individual citizens to select neighborhoods of interest to them and receive crime alerts and public safety updates. CrimeReports’ maps can also be embedded on any Web page, including agency-operated sites, personal blogs, and news media sites, or shared via email or social media.

Law enforcement can also receive anonymous tips through the TipSoft module that is included in CrimeReports. Additionally, agencies can use Socrata’s newly released Perspectives product to provide narrative and context to the data published in CrimeReports.

Motorola says that by adding data management and visualization capabilities it will be easier for law enforcement agencies to put more information online and will cut down on the time spent responding to Freedom of Information Act requests. Motorola is making a global push for the public safety market, the company recently added clients to its text to 911 service, and also acquired Airwave, a British company and the largest private operator of a public safety network in the world. This is in addition to the company’s work with Ericcson and Telstra on push-to-talk capabilities for first responders in Australia.