Unisys Launches New Cloud Security Offering for AWS


Unisys is bringing its “stealth” security product to the Amazon Web Services cloud. Stealth security allows for users to micro-segment permissions and other layers of credentials within the cloud environment.

Stealth on AWS allows organizations to extend entire workloads securely from data centers to the cloud; manage access via existing identity systems including Active Directory or LDAP; and add integrated supply chain partners to micro-segments without giving them broad access – all at the packet level without any new hardware, firewall rules, or application changes.

Clients can acquire Stealth directly from the AWS Marketplace, where Unisys also offers an AWS Test Drive that allows enterprises to access a private sandbox using Stealth. The technology cloaks all packets that are in stealth and blocks anything that doesn’t have a properly formatted COI Key.

The offering comes as Amazon Web Services has started to make a bigger push for government and law enforcement clients. As CivSource reported in December, AWS recently inked a Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Addendum with the California Department of Justice to provide cloud service for the California law enforcement community. Amazon also maintains its own internet of things platform.